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Some people come to this page and already have a good idea of what story they’d like to tell. And that’s awesome. Most people, however need a little coaching. If you know you want to tell a story, but don’t know what story you want to tell, here are a few exercises that can help you identify a good story to submit.

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Gif2Once you’ve figured out the story you want to tell, it’s time to start recording your audio.

Take a deep breath and relax. This is the easiest part of submitting a 12-minute story.

I want your story to be as strong as it can be, and I’m not looking to publish any stories that make the storyteller look foolish. So relax.

Some main points to think about when recording:

Make sure you’re recording in a room that doesn’t have an echo. The best place to record is a small room with a lot of soft things in it. A walk-in closet would be ideal.

If you have to decide between a bedroom and a bathroom, it’s probably best to be in the bedroom because it’s filled with soft things that will help absorb sound instead of bounce it back into the microphone.

When you stumble while telling the story, just start over. Move back a few lines and try again.

If you’re unsure if you messed up a line, just do it again. It’s best to give me too much audio than not enough. Give me many choices to edit together rather than not enough.

* If your audio file is too long, remember that there are probably mess-ups that I’ll be editing out. If you still think the story is over twelve minutes, try recording it again and cutting it down a little.

* If your audio file isn’t long enough, remember that I can do things to your story to enhance it like adding music.

I think you're ready

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Read the list of quick-tips on crafting the perfect story…then go record!

Just record your actual story. We will contact you after you submit your story to get all of your personal information (like Twitter account or personal podcast you want to pimp out).